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A Taste of the French Countryside:
Burgundy Spring 2023

Would you like to experience the vibrant French countryside? Its gentle rolling hills, climbing scented roses, and old-world elegance? We'll spend the week cooking rustic French meals together, gathering around candlelit tables, picnicking in meadows, and living with the French art de vivre (slowing down to experience life).

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May 10 - May 14
May 17 - May 21

French Countryside
Culinary Retreat 2023

Experience winter's tranquility in the bucolic French countryside of Burgundy. We'll open the doors to our cottage to gather in the kitchen to create rustic country meals and desserts together. We'll warm around the fireplace for candlelit dinners, sip excellent Burgundian wines, shop for antiques and experience the French "l'Art de Vivre."

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January 4 - January 8

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